An Independent Fiduciary, Advisor & Asset Manager  

Shorebreak Capital is a fee-based, asset management and investment advisory firm structured as a Registered Investment Advisor. The firm's primary custodian is TD Ameritrade Institutional. The firm is a fiduciary and specializes in equity and fixed-income investment management and financial planning for individuals, families, foundations and businesses.

The firm has experience investing across a wide spectrum of asset classes, investment strategies, market sectors, market cycles and industries. This spectrum includes, but is not limited to, domestic and foreign equity and debt securities, fixed-income, CLOs, commodities, commercial real estate, and private equity.

In addition to specialized asset management capabilities, Shorebreak Capital provides balanced and diversified portfolios designed to complement each client’s specific investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. All client portfolios are customized to the individual clients’ needs and objectives.

Investment Approach & Philosophy

Risk Management & Diversification:

Shorebreak Capital’s first priority is preservation of capital generated through strict risk - management protocols and strategic diversification among fixed-income, domestic and foreign equities, sectors, sub-sectors and other asset classes.

Capturing Growth & Market Opportunities

Shorebreak Capital has an edge in the markets with proven proprietary models and trading systems developed by Bryan Bourgeois. These models and trading systems tilt the risk-adjusted return odds in our favor. By consistently monitoring the global financial markets to uncover opportunities and potential risks through our proprietary systems, we have been successful in delivering strong and consistent returns with minimum drawdown exposure for our clients.

Customized Asset Allocation:

We offer customized managed accounts according to each client’s goals and objectives.

Firm History

Bryan Bourgeois

Chief Investment Office &
Principal of Shorebreak Capital.

Shorebreak Capital, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisor, was founded in 2016 by Bryan Bourgeois, Principal / CIO. Bryan started working in the industry during and after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003. In 2005, Bryan set up is own independent investment firm, Blue Pacific Wealth Management, Inc. To better navigate global markets and improve returns while reducing risk, Bryan successfully developed a proprietary global macro modeling and trading system in 2007. In 2016, Bryan set up Shorebreak Capital, LLC., to provide fiduciary and fee-based services and launch Shorebreak Capital’s Global Macro Hedge Fund.

Advisory Fees & Compensation

The firm’s annual advisory rate, deducted quarterly, is 1% for accounts greater than $250,000. The firm’s account minimum is typically $250,000; however, this account minimum can be waived under certain circumstances. The advisory fee is reduced as assets under management increase above $5,000,000. Please contact us to receive our ADV Part 2A and rate schedule based on assets under management.

For accredited investors, we offer our Global Macro Hedge Fund Strategy with two fee structures:

Option 1: 0% advisory fee. Client receives 80% of profits before tax, advisor receives 20% of profits before tax.

Option 2: A reduced advisory fee with a 7% annualized preferred return. After 7% is reached on an annual basis, client receives 77.5% of profits before tax and advisor receives 22.5% of profits before tax.

Click here to download the fund brochure or visit our Proprietary Global Asset Model page for view the latest performance and fund information.

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