Global Investment Management

Shorebreak Capital, LLC., invests across all asset classes, sectors and industries with a focus on the goals and outcomes that matter most to you. Through a comprehensive fundamental and technical investment process, the firm employs a diversified, global-macro, multi-asset class investment approach, focused on capturing unique opportunities across the global financial markets. Shorebreak Capital leverages their extensive global resources and capabilities, including global macro-economic insights, deep analytics on hundreds of sectors and companies, and our proprietary Global Macro Hedge Fund Model to identify the best asset classes, sectors and specific investment opportunities at hand.

Investment Process & Strategy

Bryan Bourgeois, CIO, utilizes a well-defined processes and investment management strategies that allow the firm to achieve optimal risk adjusted returns (lowering risk without giving up potential gains). The combination of our investment management capabilities and commitment to flexibility is uncommon among investment managers today.

We also provide strategic investment advice to clients that require customized diversification or asset class exposure. Our advice spans from dynamic asset allocation recommendations to a full spectrum of investment management solutions. In addition to income and growth-oriented portfolios, Shorebreak Capital manages a variety of specific equity and fixed-income investment strategies, including Shorebreak Capital’s Global Macro Hedge Fund.

The firm is committed to industry best practices and is registered as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Sustainability Investing

Shorebreak Capital understands there is a surge in the number of investors who want their investments to positively affect the world around them. In addition, more investors also understand that sustainable investing can be a route to better long-term returns.

Shorebreak Capital provides a variety of sustainability-focused investing strategies to enhance energy efficiency, sustainable land management, and low-carbon strategies.