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Managed Risk-First® Portfolios

Benefit from our best-in-class portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management and rebalancing with our dedicated asset manager, Redwood Investment Management.  Redwood Investment Management manages five Risk-First® Portfolios for client accounts that meet the following drawdown perimeters with 95% probability: (5 -8%, 8-12%, 12-17%, 17-25%).  Each portfolio is maximized for growth and  gives you the most precise and realistic expectations of how your portfolio will perform over a variety of market cycles, allowing you to better accomplish your current wealth management objective. This can be extremely beneficial for building and maintaining your financial plan and give you a better understanding of the volatility your portfolio may experience in different market cycles.  $100,000 minimum. 

Access Institutional Co-Investment Funds

Invest along side the largest and most sophisticated institutional credit and real estate investors through best-in-class Institutional Co-Investment Funds. Bryan has been building relationships in the industry for twenty years, allowing him to find and partner with the best institutional investment management firms. As an established Registered Investment Advisor, Shorebreak Capital allows their retail clients to gain access to these funds typically reserved for institutional investors, pension and sovereign wealth funds. These particular funds are not traded or accessible on any retail platform. All funds have quarterly liquidity and can be purchased through our firm at our custodian, Charles Schwab Institutional.  $100,000 Minimum  

Private Secured Debt Offering - 10% Interest Rate / 2-year Duration

Shorebreak Capital acts as the advisory firm for secured debt offerings for DaVinci Orthopedics.  With design and utility patents in over fifty countries, DaVinci Orthopedics will continue to expand throughout the US and around the world. Shorebreak Capital will be raising funds to facilitate the expansion via a secured loan offering backed by all intellectual property and other assets. The secured loan pays an annual 10% interest rate distributed monthly with a 2-year duration— $50k minimum. Note: This is so for general information only and not a solicitation for securities.  Contact us to request a copy of the private placement memorandum. 

Investment Process

You can’t control markets, but you can control your potential risk, asset allocation and fees. Bryan Bourgeois, Principal and founder of Shorebreak Capital, partnered with one of the industry’s leading quant-based investment management firms, Redwood Investment Management, to offer our clients 5 uniquely designed risk-calibrated portfolios managed at the most competitive advisory fees in industry*. Redwood has a team of highly qualified analysts that manage over $2.4 billion of assets. In addition, we give our clients access to exclusive Co-Investment Institutional Interval funds, further reducing risk and enhancing diversification and long-term growth.

Who We Help

Our practice is focused on helping individuals and families achieve their current goals through a proven investment process and time-tested strategies developed by our firm. Current clients include executives, professionals, physicians, retirees, business owners, entrepreneurs, young accumulators, and high net worth individuals. Whether you are interested in growing or producing income from retirement and investment accounts, saving for a college education, or planning future contributions to a charitable organization or heirs, we are here to help.

Connect With
Us From Anywhere

Get the benefits of risk-calibrated portfolios and institutional co-investment funds with our dedicated relationship managers from anywhere in the world. For US clients, we custody assets with Charles Schwab Institutional. International clients can invest through Interactive Brokers. Whether you are local, out-of-state, ex-pat, or non-US citizen and resident, we offer a complete virtual option for every client, including secure video conferencing, paperwork processing via DocuSign and encrypted email. Dedicated relationship managers are here for virtual administrative meetings and assistance for your accounts. 

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